Your online alarm registration system will be setup to mimic your existing paper registration form as closely as possible.  Each one of our clients receive a customized registration layout screen.  

The online alarm registration system is an online software application that allows your alarm owner to register a permit or registration, pay the fee for the application, and have the ability to update key holders throughout the year.

Online Alarm Registration Form

The orders system reduces the amount of time that your jurisdiction will spend with data entry from a paper registration form. In today's world you will still have alarm owners that would prefer to send in a paper registration and the oars system is designed to match online registrations with previously registered paper registrations using the same matching technology that we have for importing false alarm incidents.


The OARS system can be configured to allow the alarm owner to register without a payment and when the registration is downloaded, into the WEBFAB system, the system will trigger an invoice to be mailed out during the next billing cycle. Your jurisdiction has the option to take online payments with the OARS system, or have the WEBFAB system produce an invoice after it is recieved.


Features of OARS



The OARS system has included the following modifications over the years for different clients:



Samples of Customized Registration Fields






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